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Homemade Fresh Amazake

Our amazake is made from Kyoto-grown Koshihikari rice and is handmade in our store with the utmost care. The fermentation power and flavor of the koji used varies depending on the time of the year and the purchase, so we blend several types of koji to make it according to the condition of the koji.

Fermentation progresses differently depending on the season, such as the outside temperature and the temperature of the water, so we make careful adjustments as we go. Amazake is not made by humans. Amazake is made by microorganisms called koji, so each batch of amazake has a slightly different taste and flavor.
Also, unlike mass-produced products, our amazake is not heated after it is made, making it “raw amazake. As time goes by, the taste and nutritional value will change. We hope you enjoy the unique and fresh handmade amazake that you can’t taste only in our store.

Being Particular About Our Ingredients

We use only carefully selected ingredients that are good for your health. We use domestically produced soy milk for our amazake lattes, and kibi sugar for our amazake ice cream and amazake zenzai, which is rich in minerals and helps moderate the elevation of blood sugar level. The smoothies are made without any gum syrup or puree, using only the sweetness of amazake and fruits. It can be enjoyed by health-conscious people as well as children.

fushimi sakura

Born in Fushimi, Kyoto, Where the Culture of Sake Brewing Takes Root

We utilize the knowledge of sake making cultivated through the sake experience business of Add Story Co. Although amazake is non-alcoholic, the process of making it is similar to that of making sake. The sake specialist, who also serves as a guide, uses the profound knowledge of sake making that he learned at the brewery to make amazake.


Unique Product Development Team.

We have a team of people who are passionated in handmade and natural foods, brothers who made a hit in Australia with his flourless gluten-free okonomiyaki, and a mother who is raising a child and loves delicious and healthy products. Each of us has unique experiences and strong passion on making great amazake.

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271-1, Kurumamachi, Fushimi, Kyoto

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10:00 am – 5:00pm