Beauty Drink Amazake! Find Out Why It Is Great vol.01

There are hundreds and thousands of products which are said good on beauty. Did you know that “amazake” is one of them? Amazake gives good effects on skin condition and diet. In this article, we will introduce the reasons why amazake is good for beauty and the perfect timing to drink for the best effect.


Drinking Amazake is Your New Beauty Routine

Drink Amazake for Your Health and Beauty!

Amazake is a sweet drink made from rice malt and has been popular in Japan for centuries.

Some people drink it to warm up their bodies during the cold season, but more and more people are starting to drink it regularly because of its positive effects on beauty.

Let us explain what specific effects can be expected.

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Branched-chain Amino Acids is Good for Skin

Amazake contains branched-chain amino acids, which help support skin building. It also has the effect of making people feel less stressed, so it is expected to help create smooth skin and reduce the risk of stress-induced skin problems.

B Vitamins Can Help Keeping You Healthy

Many people are working on increasing their metabolism to lose weight. Exercise also increases metabolism, and amazake contains B vitamins, which aid metabolism. If you add the habit of drinking amazake to your exercise routine, you can expect a synergistic effect that will help you lose weight.

Dietary Fiber Improves the Intestinal Environment

Amazake is also recommended for those who suffer from chronic constipation. Rice, the raw material of amazake, contains dietary fiber, so if you continue drinking it, it will help support the improvement of the intestinal environment. In particular, brown rice contains 6 times more dietary fiber than white rice, so amazake made with brown rice can be expected to improve the intestinal environment and is recommended for intestinal activity.

In addition, rice contains oligosaccharides, which are food for good bacteria, so if you drink amazake while reviewing your diet, even stubborn constipation should gradually improve.

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When is the Best Timing to Drink Amazake?

Because amazake contains the word “sake,” some people may wonder if it is okay to drink before driving. It is true that amazake with sake lees contains alcohol, but the commercially available amazake is classified as a soft drink because it contains only 1% alcohol. Therefore, it is basically safe to drink it anytime. On the other hand, amazake made from koji does not contain alcohol at all, so there is no need to be particularly concerned about it.

If your goal is to have beautiful skin or to regulate the intestinal environment, the evening is recommended so that it works on your body while you sleep. If your goal is to lose weight, it is better to drink it in the morning to increase metabolism during the day.


Amazake has been popular since ancient times in Japan, and it is still a tradition to drink amazake during the year-end and New Year holidays and cold winters. Since amazake not only warms the body but also has various beauty benefits, why not try drinking amazake not only in winter but all year round for its beauty benefits?

Kotaro Hashimoto


Born in Kyoto City, Japan. International sake taster and brewing manager of AMAZAKE HOUSE, a specialty store for raw amazake. After living in the U.S. and Australia, he is now promoting the culture of sake, amazake, and koji to the world in Fushimi, Kyoto. His Kyoto Insider Sake Experience is the most popular sake experience among foreigners on TripAdvisor.

Kotaro Hashimoto

Born in Kyoto City. International sake taster and brewing manager of AMAZAKE HOUSE, a specialty store for raw amazake. After living in the U.S. and Australia, he is currently working in Fushimi, Kyoto, to promote the culture of sake, amazake, and koji to the world.