Stories No.102 TANBAGURO (Soybean Flour Amazake Smoothie)

The Tamba Plateau in Kyoto Prefecture has a climate with large temperature differences, rich soil, and clear water. This climate is ideal for growing Kyoto black soybeans, and the “New Tamba Black” kinako (soybean flour) made from these black beans is exceptional. It is roasted slowly using a unique method and ground with great care, making it richer and more aromatic than regular soybean flour.

AMAZAKE HOUSE’s Kinako Amazake is made only with Tanba kuromame kinako, a black soybean grown in Kyoto, and our homemade fresh amazake. Please try it at home.

It is non-alcoholic, non-sugar, and additive-free, so children can enjoy it with peace of mind.

It is also delicious mixed with soy milk if you like.

The kinako flavor deteriorates when refrozen, so please drink it as soon as possible after defrosting.

The black particles seen in the product are derived from black soybeans.

[Contents] 180g

[Ingredients] Rice malt (domestic), rice (specially cultivated rice produced in Kyoto), Tanba black soybean kinako (produced in Kyoto)

[Shipping method] Frozen delivery

[Best before] : Six months from the month of production (frozen storage)

Please store in the freezer. After defrosting, store in the refrigerator and serve within 2 days.