Homemade Brown Rice Raw Amazake

Non-alcoholic and additive-free brown rice raw amazake with a rich and sweet flavor made only from brown rice grown in Kyoto and carefully selected brown rice malt. 
It is full of nutrients from brown rice, including dietary fiber, amino acids and vitamins.
Because it is not fire-extracted, the healthful enzymes are still active. 
It is our No. 1 popular raw amazake, recommended for those who care about their health.
 *This is not the crushed type, but it retains the texture of brown rice fiber.

IngredientsBrown rice koji mold (Made in Japan)、Brown rice(Made in Kyoto)
Best Before6 months from the production
How to PreserveStore in the freezer. After thawing, store in the refrigerator. Please consume within 5 days.