Stories No.003 NATUKKO (Peach Amazake Smoothie)

This peach smoothie is made from “Natsukko” peaches produced at Ogurayama Farm in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture.

The farm does not use any chemical fertilizers or herbicides. They are engaged in the ” Doho style,” which produces safe and tasty crops by activating plant hormones produced by the crops themselves.

The use of chemical fertilizers produces large peaches and ensures a good yield, but they can also cause bitterness and astringency. Ogurayama Farm does not use chemical fertilizers to preserve the fresh sweetness and aroma of the peaches, but instead grows delicious ripe peaches with a special care.

Enjoy the collaboration of the sweet aroma of ripe peaches produced with such a particular farming method and our homemade fresh amazake.

[Contents] 150g

[Ingredients] Rice malt (domestic), rice (specially cultivated rice from Kyoto), peaches (Natsukko from Nagano Prefecture)

[Shipping method] Frozen delivery

[Best before] Six months from the month of production (frozen storage).

Please store in a freezer. After defrosting, store in a refrigerator and serve within 2 days.