Stories No.001 KOTOKA (Strawberry Amazake Smoothie)

A non-alcoholic, non-sugar, additive-free strawberry smoothie made only with Nara Prefecture brand strawberries “Kotoka” and homemade fresh amazake.

G-Farm, a strawberry farmer located in the mountains of Ikoma in Nara Prefecture, is very particular about the environment in which the strawberries are grown and the timing of harvest.

This is a seasonal product. Only strawberries harvested during the best season of G-Farm’s “Kotoka” are used.

Enjoy the aroma of kotoka spreading in your mouth and the refreshing sweetness of the fresh amazake.

This product size is good for one person. (150g per package)

It tastes even better if you drink it in a half-thawed, sherbet-like state without defrosting it completely.

The strawberry flavor will deteriorate if it is refrozen, so please drink it as soon as possible after defrosting.


【Ingredients】Rice malt (domestic), rice (specially cultivated rice from Kyoto), strawberries (Kotoka from Nara Prefecture)

【Shipping method】Frozen shipping

【Best before】 Six months from the production month (frozen storage).

Please store in the freezer. After defrosting, store in the refrigerator and drink within 2 days.